How to organize your blog post ideas

How to organize your blog post ideas

Hi everyone! Today we have a guest post from Allyssa Barnes.

As a blogger, inspiration can strike at any moment, so it’s important to keep a record of post ideas as they pop into your head. That way, when it comes time to sit down a write a post, you’re not struggling to come up with an idea. Instead you can simply consult your list and go from there. But what’s the best way to organize these ideas? Here are some tips to keep them organized so you can get to writing faster:


I’m a big fan of Evernote. It keeps my entire life organized, including my blog post ideas. A great way to use it is to create a blog post ideas notebook in Evernote and fill it with notes for each post idea you think up. You can even tag your notes with the appropriate blog category. This method is great as it gives you the ability to create a blog post outline in the note and save relevant links/info along with it. When it comes time to write a post, everything you need is already there.


Another great solution for organizing post ideas is Trello. The first step is to create a board for your ideas. Then create a list for each category you write about. As you come up with ideas, you can add a card under the appropriate category. Cards have a bunch of cool features such as checklists, comments, and even deadlines, which is a great help in keeping those ideas organized.

Text Document

When all else fails, just keep an ongoing text document with your ideas. You can create headings for your categories and add the ideas as they come to you. You’re not limited to a basic text document either. You can use Word, Google Docs, or even just a simple Evernote note to keep a running list. This is probably the simplest, no frills solution for organizing your post ideas.

Pen & Paper

I personally like to store all my ideas digitally, but sometimes good old pen and paper is the way to go. A good idea is to create a notebook decided to post ideas, then fill it up! Even if you choose to go the digital route, having a small notepad handy is always smart. When you’re laying in bed and an idea pops into your head, you can quickly jot it down before you forget. In the morning (or maybe even once a week) you can take your notepad and add your ideas to your preferred organizational method.

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  • Thanks for allowing me to guest post!

  • Really great tips! I always got a pen and a notebook in my bag to write some ideas 🙂 x

  • Ooh, I’ve never used Trello, but it sounds super neat and a great way to organize ideas for posts! I’ll have to check it out!

  • Yes, Evernote! That is definitely my go-to for blog ideas because I can jot them down on the go on my phone, or on my computer when I’m actively blogging. It’s the best for all kinds of lists!

  • I use to use Evernote but then I moved to Onenote because it works without Internet connection and I can write a while post in there and just send it to my blog, but my favorite way to capture in the as is still pen and paper.

  • Yes! I have long used Trello for client work, but just started using it for blog post organization and it is great!

  • Thanks for this post! Found it on pinterest. I think this well definitely help me get organized because Im also thinking of changing my brand.

    • Tanea

      No problem! We’re glad you found it helpful. 🙂

  • Great post! I am a pen and paper girl. Nothing like writing everything down and knowing exactly where everything is.

    • I like using pen and paper sometimes. I’d probably use it more if my note-taking handwriting wasn’t so sloppy. lol.

  • Andrea Parrson

    thank you for all the ideas! I am in the very early stages of starting a blog. I will be the first to admit that I am not very tech savvy so I have been doing my homework, getting all the tips and suggestions I can at this point. This has helped a lot! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you found the post helpful, Andrea! If you ever have any questions let me know. 🙂

  • hammyta

    thank you for this list! i just started a blog recently and have been a bit unsure as to how to organize everything. i currently have all of my ideas listed down in my notes app on my iphone, but i may switch everything over to the classic pen + paper since i like writing things down!

    • I’m glad it could help!

  • Helen Taylor

    fab tips thank you! I’ve only been blogging a few months and I already know I need to be more organised. this blog has certainly given me some ideas of how organise blog ideas!

  • Thank you for these. I have Evernote but i didnt even know i could use it for my blogging. Haha. I’m always the pen and paper girl. 🙂

  • Jeanette Thomsen

    I love using pen and my planer. Bit I am curious to try out the Evernote app to use when I’m not home and get ideas:)

  • Angela Mary

    Hello Tanea,
    Lovely Post. I tried using Evernote and Trello but I always switch to Pen and Paper in the end. My moleskine and Corkboard are just amazing! I even use Hallmark’s Datebook to keep track of all my Blog Post ideas. 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  • Allienicole

    Thanx babe this was very helpful

  • Karine Perreault


  • Cindy Gillespie-Lena

    I love using OneNote, I can keep notes, links, pictures as well as writing my draft blog post. Plus, I can access my OneNote notebook from any device.

  • Great points, Tanea. I agree that the best method for collecting your blog post ideas is the one you will use consistently! That’s why there’s no one size fits all solution.

    I’ve found that pen and paper is the best method for me—it’s just so satisfying to mark when I finished a post! I organize mine in my bullet journal, which keeps me productive when I have a limited amount of time to write. Here’s a post I wrote about my bullet journal system if you’re interested:

  • Old fan of paper 🙂 good tips :*

  • Some good ideas! I’ve been using the notes app on my iphone, which is super handy as it syncs up with my computer and I can add to it while I’m out and about. 🙂

  • Great ideas! I’m a visual person, and I get giddy with colorful office supplies, so I use sticky notes! I categorize my blog topic ideas by color, then arrange the different color notes in groups on a white poster board so I can see at a glance what ideas I have so far, and which categories need bulking up. Using a large calendar, like a big desk calendar but on the wall, also helps make it my “editorial calendar”. Of course I love the digital apps, too, for when I think of ideas on the go. Thanks for this article!!

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