3 myths about turning 30

3 myths about turning 30

3 myths about turning 30

You guys, I turned 30 years old 1 week ago today!

I unintentionally took a long hiatus from blogging when things got super crazy at work (lots of hours and so many late nights). And then last week my husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas for my birthday. We had SO much fun! It was the best birthday present.

I know it’s clichè, but I was DREADING turning 30. The anticipation of it freaked me out because I felt like I had run out of time. Here I was about to be 30 and I wasn’t satisfied with my life. It felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything I was planning to before I hit this age.

Now that I’m back and I’ve had a lot of time to rest, unplug, and reflect, I wanted share some of the myths I believed about turning 30 and why they are not true. Even if you’re not turning 30 like I am, I think we can still agree that these are lessons everyone needs to learn and accept at some point.

Myth #1: Congrats, now you’re old!

There’s something about turning 30 that is so cringeworthy. Suddenly you feel like you’re too old for the things you enjoyed literally yesterday.

Well, guess what happened to me after I turned 30? Nothing. I still feel the same. It is so true that you’re only as old as you feel (I feel like I’m about 21) and I have no plans to grow up anytime soon.

Myth #2: Your 20’s are the best years of your life!

This is a myth simply because my 20’s were pretty rough. I went through a lot of changes in my life and honestly more “downs” than “ups”. But I’ll admit that it wouldn’t have been as bad if I had just improved my attitude and outlook on everything.

I have so many things to be thankful for. I have an amazing husband and we’re enjoying our lives together as newlyweds. We have awesome family and friends who support us. I have no major responsibilities or issues in my life right now, and I have a ton of knowledge and ambition to help myself and my career. There’s no reason why I should feel down and I should put my time and energy to much better use than that.

Myth #3: It’s too late for you!

It’s never too late! We can all start today on creating the lives that we want to live. There are a lot of changes I’d like to make to my life to make it better, and there’s no question that I can do it if I stay focused.

Although it’s not too late, it does make me realize that life short and I need to make more time for the things I love.

  • Congrats on turning the amazing 30! I actually can’t wait to see what 30 is like. I’ve heard that once you enter your 30’s you become way more confident and you’re way more aligned with yourself than your 20s. I cant wait to get all of this wisdom I’m going to attain while I’m in the last few years of my twenties!

    • Thank you!! It seemed like a downer until I actually turned 30. And now I see how amazing it could be if I just let it. 🙂

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