4 TV Shows to Watch for Business Inspiration

TV Shows for Business Inspiration

As a blogger and online entrepreneur, I love to take in all of the information I can that could help me. Reading different books and articles online and listening to podcasts is great but it can be nice to take in the information in a different way. I love to get some real life examples and hear real stories from everyday entrepreneurs that’ll inspire me. If I can’t personally spend time shadowing millionaire investors, learning their secrets and observing how their minds work, then watching them on TV every week is the next best thing.

So I’m sharing the 4 business shows I’ve watched and my thoughts on each one. I only watch the first two regularly, but the other two are still interesting and worth tuning into once in a while. If you’re passionate or just curious about business these are some great shows to check out!

1. Shark Tank (ABC)

Shark TankIf you haven’t heard of it, Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs pitch their business to a group of millionaire investors with hopes of getting an investment. I love seeing the different ideas people have and hearing their stories for how and why they started their business.

But the best part of the show is getting valuable business tips from these super-successful investors. They all have different philosophies and specialties in business and sometimes they conflict with each other, but it’s good to hear different perspectives. Since I started watching this show I’ve learned a lot about investments, starting a business, the harsh realities of what it takes to grow a business, and some tips for how to market and sell products. This is an awesome show!

2. Beyond The Tank (ABC)

Beyond The TankBeyond The Tank is a continuation of Shark Tank, where we get an update on some of the businesses (including some that didn’t get a deal) and how they’re doing. The show explores the various problems that could arise when running and scaling a business, and what can be done to fix them. Some of the issues presented do seem trivial, like they’re really just trying to promote the business (the businesses often get a big influx of orders and inquiries after they air on TV), but it’s still a great show to check out if you haven’t already.

3. The Profit (CNBC)

The ProfitOn The Profit, investor Marcus Lemonis helps struggling and failing businesses get back on track in exchange for an ownership stake in their company. While the concept is like Shark Tank and Beyond The Tank put together, The Profit has a much grittier feel to it because they really take you inside the business to see how it works and why it doesn’t work. There’s also a look at the people behind the business and the big mistakes they’re making that could be costing them their business. I love that Marcus is really hands-on and works directly with the business, and he’s even willing to help fix and upgrade things in their storefronts and warehouses.

4. Quit Your Day Job (Oxygen)

Quit Your Day JobQuit Your Day Job is a brand new show on Oxygen. It has the same basic concept as Shark Tank — entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors. But this show is set up as a reality show, where they go out and meet with their potential business partners to spend some time getting to know them and their business. Because of this, the focus of this show is more on the person behind the business. There’s a lot of fluff to this show, as I can tell they’re trying to make the show similar to other Oxygen reality shows, but once you get past that there are some inspiring stories to be heard.

Do you watch any business TV shows that you can recommend? I’m always looking for more to try!
  • Marg B

    I must admit don’t watch any of these shows, but probably should because I love learning something new. Before I bought my house I watched House Hunters pretty religiously and I LOVE learning US History from Drunk History.

    • Ha, Drunk History is so hilarious. I love that show too!

  • I love Shark Tank! I haven’t watched the other shows, but I always did find that it was inspiring.

    • It is! They give really good advice and I’ve seen lots of web and app ideas on there too.

  • I’m greatly inspired by movies and television, but I find my inspiration from the scripted stuff—or stand-up comedy, if not scripted.

    • Yeah, I thought about mentioning some scripted stuff here. I love Silicon Valley, for example. It may not be real, and it’s a comedy, but there are some biz and startup lessons to be learned for sure!

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