‘Star Trek Beyond’ Movie Review

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond opened this past weekend, and of course I had to go see it as soon as I could! Brian and I had a gift card for this really expensive movie theater with recliner seats and FREE unlimited popcorn. They even give out free blankets and pillows so you can snuggle up while you watch the movie! Fancy. We didn’t see it in 3D, which is fine because I’m not too big on seeing movies in 3D these days.

This is the 3rd movie in the film series reboot, following Star Trek, which I loved, and Star Trek Into Darkness, which I didn’t really love. It’s directed by Justin Lin, who previously directed some movies in the Fast & Furious franchise. It was written by Simon Pegg (who also stars in the movie), Doug Jung.

It stars the core cast from the previous films, including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, with Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin bringing back their roles from the previous films. Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella also joined the cast as new characters Krall and Jaylah.

In this movie The Enterprise crash lands on a planet after being ambushed, which leaves the crew separated and stranded. After that, a few of them have to work together to find the rest of the crew and take down their new enemy, Krall (played by Idris Elba).

Let me just say again that I absolutely LOVED the first film from 2009. I thought it was amazing and it’s still one of my favorite films. So, every time I watch a Star Trek movie now, I find myself comparing it to that first film. For this one, I thought the movie was really good. I enjoyed it, it was fun, but it felt like something was missing and for me it still wasn’t as good as the first movie.

Some things I liked:

I loved the interaction between Spock and Bones. I really like Karl Urban and Zach Quinto as actors so those scenes were just hilarious to me.

Really, I love all of the characters and just seeing them interact with each other. They are all brilliant and have such great chemistry together as a cast. I loved the little jokes here and there and I was really wishing there were more of them like in the first movie.

Sofia Boutella was so great as Jaylah. She was such a badass and I really liked her character. I hope we get to see her again in the next film.

Star Trek Beyond - Jaylah

Idris Elba was fantastic as usual and I’m such a huge fan of his, but I don’t feel like he had much to work with because the character was the villain he was still pretty minor, which was odd to me.

I loved the special effects in this movie. They looked really good and so realistic.

And of course, Anton Yelchin was great as Chekov, although it really was bittersweet seeing him on screen.

Some things I didn’t really like:

While the movie was good, it still felt lackluster compared to the first movie.

The first half of the movie had really weird pacing to me and it felt really draggy. I found it hard to get focused on what was happening because it felt like it took forever to get to the point where something actually did happen.

As I mentioned, Idris Elba was great as Krall but just didn’t have much to work with, here. The character was so minor and his storyline was so forgettable. He seemed to take a back seat to everything else that was going on and that was very strange to me. I would have liked to know more about him and what happened to him, to better understand why he did what he did. They gave us this info but it just felt like an afterthought.

The verdict

Although it was fun and I loved the cast, the humor, and the action, it still felt like something was missing. It was a lot better than Star Trek Into Darkness, but it still didn’t hit it out of the park for me. I think I just expected a bigger, more epic movie from this franchise, so I hope we get that with the next one.


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