4 Fun Things to Do in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX

I mentioned in my last post that Brian and I were taking a little vacay last week. We went to visit my parents in central Texas on Saturday and Sunday, then headed down to San Antonio. We stayed until Thursday morning and then came home.

We stayed at Hotel Valencia, which is downtown and about a block away from The River Walk (the picture above is of the building across the street from our hotel). We of course wanted to be close so that we could walk down for lunch and dinner when we wanted and didn’t have to drive.

It was so nice to spend an entire week being completely lazy and exploring a different town. I admit, I didn’t think there was a whole lot to do win SA until we started looking things up. I listed 4 things here, but there’s SO MUCH MORE to do in this city!

1. Walk the River Walk + try the restaurants

Of course, the main attraction for us was The River Walk. Neither of us had ever been and we were excited to check it out first thing. It’s a really nice, historic area with a TON of restaurants. It was beautiful during the day, but I was a little disappointed that there weren’t lots of lights at night and it was pretty dark in some spots. For a River Walk I want to see lots of lights!

We got a chance to eat at a few really good places including Ritas on the River, Charlie Wants a Burger, and Casa Rio. We also ate at Rainforest Cafe and Texas Land & Cattle, although neither of those are new to us.

2. Visit The Alamo and Missions

We were really excited to do the tourist-y thing and check out The Alamo and the San Antonio Missions. They’re all spread out, but luckily they’re all easy to find and not too far apart. The architecture on these buildings was so beautiful and inspiring to look at.

San Antonio Missions

San Antonio Missions

3. Check out the San Antonio Zoo

On Wednesday we went to the San Antonio Zoo. Yes, we’re NUTS for walking around the zoo in 100+ degree heat! We just made sure to wear workout clothes (to keep us as dry as possible) and comfy shoes, and to stay hydrated.

The SA Zoo is definitely smaller than the Dallas Zoo, (and both are no comparison to the San Diego Zoo!) but it was charming.

If you didn’t know, I LOVE birds! The SA Zoo had lots of bird attractions so it was perfect. My favorite part was definitely Lory Landing, where I was able to go inside the cage and feed nectar to these beautiful little birds. You buy a little cup of nectar, and then hold it out in the air with the cap still on.

They come and take the cap OFF of the cup (yes they do) and drink the nectar. They were attracted to my bright orange and pink Reebok sneakers, and they all started to surround me, get on my feet, and pick at my shoes. This was the cutest. thing. ever. It definitely made my entire day!

Lory Landing at San Antonio Zoo

4. Go shopping!

We went shopping at multiple places in and around San Antonio. We checked out the River Center Mall, which was really close to our hotel and The Alamo, where I bought some extra clothes for our trip (including Batman and Wonder Woman tank tops I found at Macy’s). This mall is full of fun stuff to do (movie theater, Dave & Buster’s, etc.) but pretty light on places to shop. We also went to the North Star Mall and the Quarry Market and both had a TON of stores. On the way back from SA we stopped at the San Marcos outlets, which also had a TON of stores. Yeah, we did lots of window shopping!

So our trip was 5 days of exploring a new city, eating good food, and getting lots of sleep. Yep, that’s my idea of a vacation. 😀

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