10 Productive Things to Do for Your Blog When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

10 Productive Things to Do For Your Blog When You Don't Feel Like Writing

Do you ever have those days where you just don’t feel like blogging at all? I do. I have days where writing is one of the last things I wanna do. As bloggers and creatives (and as humans), we all feel tired or lazy sometimes.

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It’s no big deal. I actually think taking a step back from writing for a day or two (or several days) is good so that you can recharge and keep yourself from feeling burnt out. But just because you don’t feel like writing, doesn’t mean that you can’t still be productive in some way. There are things you can do that don’t even require you to get out of bed!

1. Update old posts

Go back and update old posts. You can go in and make sure the information is still relevant and accurate, you can fix bad formatting and HTML, or you can refresh the post by re-writing it or adding to it.

2. Promote your posts

Use your favorite social media scheduler (here are some of the ones I use) to schedule posts for your social media that will promote your content. You can also add in posts to share other people’s content or promote your other social media accounts.

3. Find inspiration

If you don’t feel like writing, it might be because you’re feeling uninspired. To recharge, you can browse magazines (film and entertainment magazines are my faves), read books, or watch videos on YouTube for inspiration and learning. Pay attention to what stands out to you, because you could find inspiration for a new blog post or learn something that could apply to your blog.

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Even better: Is there a course you’ve been wanting to take? Sign up and get going! Learning a new skill (related to your niche or to blogging) will definitely inspire you.

4. Get social

Participate in online social communities like Twitter chats, Facebook groups, forums, mastermind groups. This is where you can connect with other bloggers, ask and answer questions, and just get to know people.

Bonus if they’re people in your same niche, like books or fashion. I also recommend hopping on Twitter and Instagram to just engage with others by liking, sharing, and starting a conversation.

5. Make plans and set goals

This is the perfect time to plot your world domination! You can set some goals for yourself and your blog, plan out upcoming blog posts, and monitor stats and results using a planner, an app, or an editorial calendar.

6. Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorm some ideas for new blog posts (check out this post for how to organize your ideas). While you’re at it, brainstorm ways to monetize, promote, and improve your blog too.

Organize and plan blog posts

7. Read other blogs

Take some time to visit other blogs, read the posts, and leave meaningful comments. Not only will it make the blogger happy, but it could potentially bring some traffic your way. Also reply to comments on your own blog.

8. Graphics & photos

Every few years, you may need to remake some of your blog post graphics because trends and styles change.

Start with your most popular blog posts and check to see if the graphics are eye-catching, clean, and easy to read. If not, it’s time to remake them.

This is also a great time to create graphics for new posts, take photos for your blog, and gather/purchase any other supplies you may need like stock photos and fonts.

9. Reach out

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other bloggers. Most of us are super friendly and love to meet and work with other people. You can ask them to guest post or see if you can guest post on their blog. You can ask them about collaborating on a blog post or giveaway, or to participate in an interview.

Just make sure you’re reaching out to someone you know fairly well or that would at least recognize you from social media or blog comments (not someone you’ve never interacted with in your life).

10. Blog maintenance

You should be performing regular maintenance on your blog to keep it updated and secure. I like to take some time to update my WordPress and plugins, troubleshoot issues, remove spam comments, and clean things up.

So what do you do when you don’t feel like blogging?
  • Great post! I have way too many ideas and sometimes I get overwhelmed with the amount of things I want to write, so I end up working on other stuff in the interim just to take a break from that. This list is perfect! :]

    • YES, the same exact thing happens to me! I think sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves. I hope these tips can help!

  • I’ve been working on updating old posts. My blog has been around for six years so it definitely needed updating!

    • It can be a pain in the butt but it gives your blog a nice refresh. 🙂

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