10 things I’m excited to see in season 7 of The Walking Dead

10 things I'm excited to see in season 7 of The Walking Dead

It’s here! Tonight is the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead! I have literally been counting down the days, every day since the end of season 6. I am such a huge fan that this is like the equivalent of Christmas morning or Super Bowl Sunday for me. 😛 I’m so excited!

I’ve been preparing for the premiere — I’ve been watching the marathon on TV, I bought a new shirt, and I stocked up on snacks and drinks for tonight. Even with all of that, I know that nothing will prepare me for how sad I’ll be to watch one of the beloved characters on the show die, and then watch them on Talking Dead after. It’s gonna be brutal.

To celebrate, I wanted to share some things I’m excited to see this season. A few of these things that will definitely happen, but I still have them on my list anyway.

Spoilers ahead, obviously, if you’re not caught up with The Walking Dead for some reason!

Also, I’ll be live-tweeting the show tonight. Come chat with me! 🙂

1. More Rick and Michonne

Rick and Michonne (#Richonne!) finally getting together in “The Next World” was one of my favorite things that happened in season 6! They are so perfect together and they make an awesome team. I’m so ready to see them lean on each other and comfort each other after everything happens.

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I also want to see more of Rick and Michonne individually. This season, the focus really seems to be on Negan, The Kingdom, and everyone else, but I really hope it doesn’t take too much away from Rick. And I love seeing Michonne happy in a relationship, and being a mother to Carl and Judith, but I’m excited to see more of her own story too. She is such an iconic character and I know the show has a lot more planned for her!

2. More female-centric scenes

The ladies on this show are so badass but it seems h2ke they don’t get many scenes together. I loved the season 6 episode “The Same Boat” where Carol and Maggie were captured because they fought their way out of there and didn’t need anyone’s help. I want to see more of that! Michonne, Rosita, Sasha, and Tara especially.

3. Other characters step up

I loved seeing Father Gabriel step up and help protect Judith and Alexandria while the others were away. I hope we get to see other characters, like Aaron, Eugene, and Spencer, step up like that this season! Eugene vowed to Abraham that he was ready to step up, and I hope he meant it. There are also some other characters who I’d like to see with more screentime this season, like Sasha and Rosita.

4. Rise up against Negan

I haven’t read through the comics to this point in the story (I just started reading through Compendium One) but I’ve looked up what happens so I have a pretty good idea. I won’t spoil anything, I just hope our group will start to rise up against Negan this season. I don’t think they’ll be able to take him down this season, but I really want to see them start to take a stand against him.

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5. For Maggie to have her baby (or not lose her baby)

I was so happy for Maggie and Glenn, that Maggie was pregnant and they were going to have a baby. But then it seemed like she might lose the baby, especially since they didn’t get to take her to Hilltop to see the doctor. I really hope she doesn’t lose the baby.

6. Carl’s story arc

I’m really excited to see where Carl’s storyline will go after everything happens in the premiere. Whenever people they love die and he was around for it, he seems to take it really hard, ever since he had to put down his mother back in season 3. At the end of season 6 he was starting to rebel a little bit so I wonder if that’s where he’s headed. I’m also wondering if that’ll change the relationships he has with Rick and Michonne. I hope that if Carl does start to unravel, they won’t be so busy dealing with Negan that they don’t notice.

7. Carol / Morgan / The Kingdom dynamic

At the end of season 6, Carol and Morgan were on their way to The Kingdom. The dynamic between Carol and Morgan has been so crazy (she wanted to kill him and then he saved her) and I know they’ll introduce some new characters, including Ezekiel, so I’m ready to see how they’ll react to it all. Especially after they find out that someone has been killed by Negan.

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8. For Daryl to forgive himself

Daryl really annoyed me in the last episode of season 6 because I hate how he let his anger and regret make him do something stupid (running off to kill Dwight by himself). I hope that this season he’ll realize that what happened to Denise (and anything else that happens) was not his fault and learn that he can’t just run off like that.

9. More humor

Ok I know the premiere will be really hard and the characters will take a while to recover, and Negan will really put a downer on every scene that he’s in, but I really can’t wait to see some more humor. I loved the scene with Rick and Daryl in “The Next World” in season 6 where they were running around chasing Jesus.

10. More kickass scenes

TWD had some really kickass scenes in season 6! I already mentioned Maggie and Carol’s episode, but I also loved the walker killing scene with Michonne, Rosita, and Sasha, the scene where Abe, Daryl, and Sasha took out Negan’s men, and the scene where the group fought with people from Hilltop. We always get scenes like this every season but I had to include it on my list anyway!

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If you watch The Walking Dead, what are you excited to see??

  • Ugh. I watched this morning, gripping a pillow, crying. Negan makes me sick to my stomach, but I really feel like this season they will pull out all the stops and it will be a great season!

    • I agree! It was so sad but I think the worst of it is over (hopefully). I know more people will die though!

  • I watched the first episode last night even though I missed the whole last season. I just had to know! So sad! The episode was so intense!

    • Yes it was!! I still can’t believe it!

  • Sophie Athawes

    I couldn’t agree with this more. I was so excited to finally see Negan and now I can’t wait to see how they destroy him. I’m really looking forward to seeing Ezekiel too and to see whether he’s the same as how I pictured him from the comics. All in all, 1 episode down and I’m already losing my nerves! Awesome season start – great post xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    • Thank you!! And yes it’ll be interesting to see how things go from here. I cannot wait! 😀

  • Great list! I’d love to see more of Carl (among more female-centered stories and Richonne). He was really sassing against Negan in the premiere, so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes. I also wonder what Enid’s reaction is going to be, especially after Carl kept her away from taking Maggie to the Hilltop Colony.

    • Yeah, I’m really interested to see where they take his storyline!

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