5 Thriller Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

Thriller movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween

So after my Halloween music playlist I planned to publish this post tomorrow or Monday, but I figured I’d go ahead and publish it today.

It’s Halloween, so everyone is talking about their favorite horror movies to watch this time of year. I have my own personal horror favorites, but I thought I’d do something different and recommend some thriller movies on Netflix for people to try. These are all thrillers, although a couple of them could probably be considered horror movies. If you’re looking for something light to add to your Halloween watchlist this year, I recommend these!

These are all on Netflix in the US as of today, but I’m not sure about other countries. Also, there are hundreds of thriller movies on Netflix, including popular ones like Nightcrawler and The Imitation Game, but I wanted to focus on the lesser known films that I’ve personally seen and enjoyed here. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

1. Hush

This is one of my favorite thriller movies on Netflix, and I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now. It’s about a deaf woman who lives alone, and is targeted by a masked killer. This one is really good, and perfect for Halloween!

2. The Invitation

This is another one of my favorites! It’s about a man who accepts an invitation to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife and her new husband. There is a lot going on this movie but it made me feel like I was going crazy along with the main character. So good.

3. Visions

Visions stars Isla Fisher as a pregnant woman who moves to a vineyard with her husband and is haunted by these crazy hallucinations. That’s all I can really say about it without anything it away, but I really enjoyed it.

4. Time Lapse

Time Lapse stars Danielle Panabaker of The Flash, and it’s about three friends who find a machine that predicts the future by printing out a photo that shows what will happen in 24 hours. Of course they use it for personal gain until it starts to print out pictures that put them in danger. It’s a really interesting premise and I really liked this one!

5. Creep

Ah, Creep. I was hesitant to put this one on the list because it’s such a love it or hate it kind of movie. Most reviews I saw either said it was really good or really bad. This is a very weird found-footage style movie about a man who takes a job to help some creepy guy in a remote mountain town with a project. It’s not scary and not much happens throughout most of the movie (just a lot of talking), but I found the end of the movie to be really chilling.

  • Ooooh, I love this list! Hush was listed in my most recent “Netflix Titles that Pleasantly Surprise” post, and Time Lapse was listed in the one before that. Both movies were soooooo good. I’ve added The Invitation to my watch list, and Visions was already there (didn’t even realize it), so I might pop some corn and have a night in.

    I wish Creep wasn’t in found-footage format. The plot sounds dope, but after all the Paranormal Activities, I’m so through with found footage horror movies. They’re cheap & easy production cop-outs IMO. Give me some real cinematography!

    • I agree, the found-footage style is definitely overused. I enjoyed the movie but I know a lot of people didn’t. It’s definitely a weird one. Thanks for stopping by, Disa!

  • Hush was so good! And my fiance and I just watched Time Lapse the other night. It was really good too. I couldn’t stop thinking about the ending!

    • Yes, both were so good! Hush is probably one of the most underrated thrillers. Thanks for stopping by, Paula!

  • Oh I watched Time Lapse on a whim one night and really enjoyed it. The way it panned out what not what I was expecting and that’s always great! Visions looks like a good pick too.


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    • It’s such a different spin and I didn’t expect it to happen that way either! I love movies like that though 🙂 Thanks!

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