Arrival Movie Review

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in Arrival

I saw Arrival on a whim this week. I heard it was really good and I was interested in the cast of Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. I didn’t know much about it going in, other than it was an alien movie that would probably be similar to Interstellar. I only saw a teaser trailer for it a while back and and now after seeing it I’m really glad I went into it pretty blind.

It’s a story about a linguist who is recruited by the military to try to communicate with aliens that have landed on earth. It was directed by Denis Villeneuve (who I didn’t even realize directed Sicario — another great movie).

This is a fantastic movie! It was one of those movies that will have you thinking about it for a while after you see it, trying to take in the meaning behind it. This is a spoiler-free review so I can’t go into much detail without spoiling it for you but there are so many things to take away from this movie.

The cinematography and score to this movie really add so much to it. There is one particular scene that with the camera angles and sounds, it created a lot of tension and even made me feel a bit anxious because I had no idea what was happening or what was about to happen. It was so well done.

The acting was great, but that doesn’t surprise me at all with the awesome cast. Amy Adams’ character Louise was a pretty reserved person, but Amy was able to convey so much tension and emotion with her facial expressions and she was just phenomenal. Jeremy Renner’s character Ian, and Forest Whitaker’s character Colonel Weber, aren’t the focus of the story like Louise, so they aren’t as developed character-wise, but they are still played well by their respective actors.

I do recommend this movie if you love sci-fi films with lots of depth and a thought-provoking story. It is beautifully done and it tells a great story!


  • Nice review! Heard a lot of great things about Arrival! I’m hoping to sneak it in after/around Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

    • I’m excited for Fantastic Beasts too!

  • I REALLY liked Interstellar and I’ve heard nothing about this movie! It sounds really interesting and I love Amy Adams as an actress so I’ll put it on my list of movies to see!

    • Definitely! Thanks Danielle!

  • I want to see this so badly! I like that it seems like a unwise take on aliens arriving and not your average they come here and destroy everything movie!

    • Yes! It was definitely not a big CGI fest with explosions and stuff like Independence Day 2. It’s a lot deeper than that.

  • I loved this movie so much! It did keep me thinking about the meaning for awhile too. I didn’t know it was the same director as Sicario. I actually saw that one two weeks ago. Great movie as well!

    Thanks for this review! I look forward to more 🙂

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